Beating Termites and Other Pests

Just because you cannot see any termites does not mean that they are not busy making themselves at home in your home. Of all house pests, termites are probably the most insidious – they hide inside the wooden parts of your home and can cause a lot of damage before being detected.

As a homeowner, therefore, you have to do everything you can to prevent any pest infestation, in general, and a termite infestation in particular.

Termite inspections are your secret weapon. Organising an annual pest inspection is the best way to prevent problems before they become serious. The inspector knows exactly what to look for and also where to look. They make use of specialised equipment that helps them to pinpoint the problem areas exactly. They will be able to pick up small infestations and allow you to treat the problem before serious damage is done.

When it comes to termites, catching them early on is the key to avoiding structural damage that is very expensive to fix.

What a Pest Inspector will do

A pest inspector does a thorough check of your home – including all those places that you are not so keen on going to yourself such at the attic and other rarely visited rooms. They will also check the exterior of the house for vulnerable spots and possible entry points for pests. They will look for telltale signs such as woodpiles that are too close to the house.

Making it Tough for Termites

When it comes to termites, it is important that you have as little extra wood touching your house as possible. Woodpiles and mulch should be kept too close to the home. Trees and shrubs can also provide convenient access to your house for termites so you need to keep them trimmed. Making it more difficult for termites to get in is just the first step.

Make your Home Inhospitable For Termites

Termites need shelter, water and heat in order to set up a successful colony. You can make sure that the areas in your house that are little used, such as attics and basements, are kept dry. Try to keep humidity to a minimum and make sure to fix any water leaks as quickly as possible. Ensure that all areas of your house are properly ventilated. Also check that any water-runoff runs away from the house.

These tips have mostly referred to termites but are generally good for any household pests – you just have to make sure that your efforts are consistent. Annual pest inspections and regular checks by yourself will keep your home pest free and safe.