Originally known as ‘Upper Paddington’, Bardon is a suburb which belongs to the list of Western suburbs in Brisbane.  In 1925, it was defined and then renamed by the Ithaca Town Council after the villa built by Joshua Jeays around the year 1863.  That particular villa, ‘Bardon’, now forms part of the campus of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and is referred to as ‘The Drive’.  

Bardon being an inner suburb, is characterized as a leafy residential kind.  Much of its area is actually nestled into Mount Coot-tha’s foothills.  This suburb belongs to the federal electorate of Ryan.    


Population: The population which was recorded in the year 2011 for the suburb of Bardon totalled to 9, 256.  From this number, there is a percentage of 52.8% females and 47.2% males.  Residents have the median or average age of 36 years old.  

Lifestyles and People (Top 5):

  • Established Couples and Families – 20.2%
  • Older Couples and Families – 18.7%
  • Maturing Couples and Families – 15.6%
  • Maturing and Established Independence – 10.6%
  • Independent Youth – 8.8%

Income ($/weekly): The recorded total individual income of residents in Bardon is $879 each week.  As for the household, its median income on a weekly basis is about $2,287.  

Employment Profile: In 2011, those who are categorized under the workforce comes with a recorded 59.9% full time employees while the other 31.0% comes with part time employment.  This suburb has a recorded unemployment rate of 3.7%.  


  • Bus – Bardon, as a suburb, comes with efficient bus services with stops located strategically around its area.  One example is the bus stop in Bardon Road.  Other bus stops, for those looking for more options, include Beveridge Lane, Franks Road and DHL bus stops.  
  • Train/Tram – Back in 1930, there was a tram service reaching Rainworth.  This was 7 years before the completion of the Bardon line – running along Rainworth and Boundary roads.  For train services, residents go to the Bardon Mill Rail Station.  


There are several options for education if you live within the area of Bardon.  One of the top choices would have to be the Rainworth State School located at the Boundary Road of Bardon.  Most students who enroll here though are those within the local catchment area only with its popularity making it quite tough for those outside catchment to be able to enroll.  Other local schools include St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Bardon State School down on Simpsons Road and the Ithaca Creek State School.  

Clubs and Sports

Founded in 1948, Bardon Bowls Club is on top of the list of the famed destination when it comes to sports and clubs when you are around this area.  For several decades this has been the venue for families, friends and even visitors come the need for relaxation.   

Bardon is home to the Wests Panthers rugby league club, Brisbane Irish Rugby Football Club, and the Wests Juniors Leagues Club. You can find these sports teams in Purtell Park.  This is where home matches are played.