In the list of northern suburbs of the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Banyo is a picture of a split of industrial and residential.  Perhaps it has a lot to do with the fact that there is easy access to local transport which makes it a highly attractive place for industries.  

You are likely to find Banyo intertwined in several areas with its neighbouring suburb, Nudgee.  These two suburbs are both rich in terms of local history.  Many locals and those familiar with these suburbs are

likely to know about the preservation of an Aboriginal Bora Ring and the Boondall Wetlands found in the Nudgee Beach border.  


Population: Banyo has a total population of 5,607 residents recorded during the conducted census in the year 2011.  The residents of this suburb reflected a proportion of 49.6% being females and 50.4% being males.  The median age during this time is about a year below the average Australian which is 36 years old.   

Lifestyles and People:

  • Older Couples & Families – 17.7%
  • Established Couples & Families – 15.7%
  • Maturing Couples & Families – 12.5%
  • Maturing & Established Independence – 11.4%
  • Older Independence – 10.8%

Income ($/weekly): This particular suburb has a median total income of $647 weekly for individuals.  The average household has a median weekly income of $1,395.  

Employment Profile: Full time workers in Banyo as of 2011 goes up to 62.1% while those with part time jobs come at 25.8%.  Banyo has an unemployment rate of 6.1%.  


  • Bus – Students get free bus rides with route going from Toombul to the Australian Catholic University by means of the Northgate Railway Station.  Another route is one that runs between the university and the Westfield Chermside.  There is a 306 bus service which goes to the Cultural Centre by means of Fortitude Valley and is operated by Brisbane City Council.
  • Train – Access to regular Queensland Rail City network services is possible through Banyo railway station and routes go from Brisbane to Shorncliffe.   
  • Cycling – There are miles of bike paths which come available or the cycling enthusiasts.  Paths go from Boondall wetlands East-bound as well as Chermide West-bound.   


There is quite a number of Catholic schools in Banyo with the list including St. Joseph’s Nudgee College, St. Rita’s College and St. Pius.  It is easy to choose from among these schools which one should suit you best as the first one is a private school for boys, the second one is a private school for girls and the last one is a primary school offering education from Prep to Year Six.  Another good option for schooling is the Earnshaw State College which although is an Independent Public School, is thriving in terms of P-12 education.  

Clubs and Sports

Perhaps that one thing when it comes to clubs and sports which makes Banyo highly popular is that this is where you find Virginia Golf Club.  It is located at Elliot Road, despite its name.  This club is most sought after by many sporting enthusiasts because of its 27-hole course and its Clubhouse.  Virginia Golf club is one of Queensland’s oldest and definitely most honoured courses there is.