Avoiding The Pesky Pests During Summer

Summer is here, and while you’re enjoying the beaches and the warm weather outdoors, pests are getting ready to come indoors – inside your home. Blame it on the heavy rainfall that comes with our summers here in Brisbane!

Why Pests Love Your Home

Summer is among the busiest seasons for our crew at Twinspectors because of the numerous calls from clients. Their common complaint? There is a rodent or an ant attack on their property.

But why are these pests inviting themselves into your place during summer?

Food and water (or moist) are known to be the top reasons why homes are an enticing place for pests. But in summer, the thunderstorms and evening rains cause ants, spiders and rats, among others, to flee their habitats and seek out a drier, warmer shelter. So this is how they arrive at your doorstep – or in the roof void, walls or even furniture.

Common Pests and How to Control Them


Bedbugs are among the most common uninvited guests of Brisbane residents during summer. They crawl around your bed and sofa. They are too small to be easily seen, and they breed faster in the warmer months.

The quickest way to get rid of them is by using a vacuum cleaner on your mattresses and couch to take out the hidden creepy crawlies.


If you’ve been constantly hearing some flying sounds or little movements when the lights are out – check for cockroaches. Because they are nocturnal creatures, you won’t know if they are sharing a home with you as they will keep themselves out of sight during the day.

Their entry points are anywhere from crevices to the openings around your walls and doors. Aside from the warmth of your home, they also love your food, so don’t leave any dinners sitting around, else you will be giving them enough reason to prolong their stay.


While rats are usually taking their time enjoying the weather outdoors, food and messy surroundings are going to lure them into your property. Make sure to clean up the backyard and don’t leave any rubbish or leftover food lying around. Check your drains and roof gutter as pooled water will also attract them.


You might find the little black ants making their way to your dining table, taking their share of your own food. Worse, they have come with a lot of friends. Ants are able to leave a scent that points other ants into the direction of food, so if you want to keep them out, best to seal food away in airtight containers.

Stopping the Pests Before They Even Arrive

To effectively avoid these pests in summer (and any other season), we recommend that homeowners keep their annual pest inspections up-to-date. This is to help ensure that any barrier systems are properly installed. There are instances when we come across new clients whose homes haven’t had a pest inspection for a while, which is one of the major reasons for the increased risk of infestation.

At Twinspectors, we see to it that your scheduled inspections are maintained and that you have a working barrier system, which will control and prevent pests from entering your property.