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Why Weep Holes Are Important

When Twinspectors undertake a Building Inspection one of the items we always look at is weep holes. Weep holes are the small gap left between bricks or blocks in external walls. These small gaps located at the bottom of the walls and their sole purpose is ventilation and drainage. During the Building Inspection we confirm […]

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Why an Australian Standard for a Building And Pest Inspection

Why an Australian standard for a building and pest inspection, in Queensland building and pest inspections are done in line with the Australian Standard 4349.1-2007, the purchase of a home especially a first-time Buyer is a serious decision and must be sustained with an understanding of the condition of the property. Impartial and unprejudiced advice […]

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Balconies and Decks Safety Guidelines

It has become very popular in Queensland because of our temperate climate to incorporate outdoor entertainment areas/outdoor living areas. These renovations in older homes generally will incorporate deck or veranda, or in the case of new homes, the designs include alfresco dining areas as well as decks and balconies. There have been serious injuries and […]

Diseases Carried by Rodents

The extent of havoc that rats may cause extend far more than just gnawing on your clothes, wirings and snacking on your food in the pantry. They cause an even more alarming threat to your health.


Supposedly called ‘Euoggera’, but thanks to a clerical error, it was named Enoggera instead. It is a name much easier to say for a suburb that’s very easy to live in. It houses Australia’s largest military base and is one of the oldest suburbs in Brisbane.

How Water Can Damage Your Home

Living in Brisbane subjects you to severe weather conditions as what can be expected of living in a country with a sub-tropical climate. It’s no longer new to local residents to experience heavy rainfall every year that causes long-term damages to homes and other structures.


Chelmer is a quiet, leafy inner suburb located about 7 kilometres west of the CBD. Chelmer is mostly surrounded by the river and is bordered by Graceville. Oxley Road and two railway lines cut through the middle of the suburb.

Dutton Park

  One of the southern suburbs of Brisbane, Dutton Park, is situated 4 kilometres from the CBD and is beside the Brisbane River. The suburb is bordered by Fairfield, Woolloongabba and Highgate Hill with the Annerley Road passing through the suburb.