Gaelic for ‘a field of flowers’, Auchenflower is about 3 kilometres West of Brisbane CBD which is just 3 train stations away.  This scenic suburb is literally close to everything.  Brisbane’s 19th century past is still evident in residences found in Auchenflower and a very popular landmark is the Mayne family home, the ‘Moorlands’ located on the grounds of The Wesley which is the largest private hospital in Queensland.

The place was named by Thomas McIlwraith, a Queensland Premier who bought a property here in 1880.  In order to belong to the list of Brisbane’s most desirable inner-city suburbs, Auchenflower has been in constant battle to keep up with its higher profile neighbours, Toowong and Paddington.      


Population: There was a record of 5,352 people living in Auchenflower in the year 2011.  The census also reflected that 51% are females and 49% are males of the total number of population.  At that time, the median age for the people in this particular suburb is 30 years old which was 7 years below the median age of Australians.  

Lifestyles and People (Top 5):

  • Independent Youth – 32.3%
  • Maturing & Established Independence – 14.8%
  • Older Couples & Families – 10.1%
  • Established Couples & Families – 9.9%
  • Older Independence – 9.6%

Income ($/weekly): For an individual living in Auchenflower in 2011, one can expect the median income of $860 per week while its total household weekly income is around $1,795.  

Employment Profile: Employment in Auchenflower is looking good as 60.6% of its working populace have full-time employment while the other 29.8% hold part-time jobs.  Unemployment rate here is only 4.9%.     


  • Bus – This suburb has two main roads which runs from the CBD of Brisbane towards the suburbs on the western section – Coronation Drive and Milton Road.  Auchenflower is therefore mostly served by the western suburb bus routes as operated by the Brisbane Transport.
  • Cycling – There is what you call the “Bicentennial Bikeway” which runs along Brisbane River.  This is what enables those who prefer cycling over any other modes of transport to have access to the CBD of Brisbane through Toowong.
  • Others – If you prefer to go around by train, you can easily catch one at the Auchenflower railway station which is the second station on the Ipswich line which is west of the railway station in Roma Street.    


Educational options in Auchenflower includes Milton State School.  This school offers classes for Prep up to Year 7 and although a medium sized primary school with around 600 students, Milton is not in any way on the low when it comes to the quality of its education.  With the close proximity to Toowong, residents of Auchenflower also opt to send their kids to the day and boarding school for boys there which is Brisbane Boys’ College.  Auchenflower also provides access to yet another school which is the Hubbard’s School – an independent non-denominational institution.  This one is for those who wish to continue with their non-compulsory education.  

Clubs and Sports

Apart from the diverse options in housing, Auchenflower boasts of Suncorp Stadium.  This is a local sport and recreation facilities.  Around this area, you are also likely to find fashionable retail precincts.  People visiting this leafy Western inner suburb are sure to enjoy on skating rinks at McIlwraith Croquet Club.