If you are considering the more prestigious locations within Brisbane, you might want to consider relocating to Ascot.  It is approximately 7 kilometres north of the Central Business District and is flanked by Hamilton and Clayfield, known to be two of Brisbane’s ‘old money’ suburb.  The name of this suburb was in reference to England’s ‘Royal Ascot’ and its main business hub is focused on Racecourse Road which is a reflection of the place’s racing history.  

You are most likely to find several prestigious homes in this suburb ranging from grand old Queenslanders to the more modern ones which has replaced some of the less impressive ones.  Ascot has maintained its reputation and value, proof of which lies on the rather high entry price for properties here.  


Population: The recorded population of Ascot in 2011 according to the census is 5,730 where 52% of them are females and 48% are males.  Median age of residents in Ascot is 37 years old which was the same as with the national median at that time.  

Lifestyles and People (Top 5):

  • Maturing & Established Independence – 19.6%
  • Independent Youth – 17.6%
  • Older Couples & Families – 14.0%
  • Established Couples & Families – 13.2%
  • Older Independence – 10.9%

Income ($/weekly): This suburb comes with a median individual income of $898 on a weekly basis.  The household median income per week is $1,697.  

Employment Profile: Working residents of Ascot during the 2011 census reflects that 65.6% of them are employed full time while those employed part time come in as the 25.4%.  The unemployment rate of this suburb is 4.5%.  


  • Bus –  Although it is not as popular as using private vehicles, Ascot bus transports come as great alternative for resident-commuters when going around the suburb.  There are several bus stops especially in the area of Racecourse Road making it rather accessible for most anyone.  
  • Train –  Resident-commuters can also go by train and they can easily catch one on Lamington Street.  Doomben being the end of the line result to very little passenger traffic around this area.  


There are choices when it comes to education in Ascot.  You can have access to a kindergarten in Kitchener Road as well as a preschool in Barlow Street.  Pringle Street is also a place to go to when you want to check out a primary school.  Ascot State School down in Anthony street is second home to students in primary and preparatory levels up to year six.  Some parents also send their kids to St. Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School which is a private school for pre-prep up to year 12.    

Clubs and Sports

The love for horse race is rather evident in Ascot as it is home to some of the excellent racecourses.  Doomben and Eagle Farm racecourses are both quite popular not only to residents but also to many visitors.  Here you will find not only race day facilities but also function rooms for non-race day functions and events.  Doomben is run by the Brisbane Turf Club while Eagle Farm is operated by the Queensland Turf Club.  

One of Brisbane’s best restaurant strips is also located in Ascot, the Racecourse Road.  It is here that families and individuals (resident and visitors alike) can converge and have a great time in a variety of bars and restaurants.