It may be safe to say that Archerfield is a mixed-use suburb whereby it is a sparsely populated area with majority of its land being used by the Archerfield Airport.  This suburb is on the southern part of Brisbane and is about 11 kilometres from the CBD.  It belongs to the federal electorate of Moreton.  

The name of this suburb is derived from the 5,665-hectare freehold cattle property which belonged to Michael Durack.  The original inhabitants of this suburb were known to be the Jagara people of the Yerongan clan.  It was in 1928 that the Brisbane City Council approved the use of the area for Brisbane’s Aerodome.   


Population: The population of Archerfield in the census conducted in 2011 reflected the result of 510 residents.  Of the total populace, 44.9% are females and 55.1% are males.  Archerfield has a median age of 37 years old.  

Lifestyles and People:

  • Established Couples & Families – 20.9%
  • Maturing & Established Independence – 16.0%
  • Independent Youth – 15.5%
  • Older Independence – 10.7%
  • Older Couples & Families – 10.7%

Income ($/weekly): An individual living in Archerfield back in 2011 has a median income of $571 per week.  An average household on the other hand has a median income of $1,157 weekly.  

Employment Profile: Archerfield has a 6.0% unemployment rate according to the 2011 census.  Also, of its working force about 66.8% are holding full-time employments and the other 22.8% have part-time employments.


  • Train – There are platforms to go to if you want to catch a public transport via train in Archerfield going to Brisbane CBD.  You can check out Coopers Plains platform 3 if you want to go to southern Brisbane.  
  • Others – It is easy to find other public transportation options when in Archerfield.  You can easily grab a taxi which will only yield to a 12-minute ride from this suburb to Brisbane’s CBD.  Driving there using your own private vehicle is also going to take you the same amount of time.  


With only few residents living in Archerfield, majority of the educational options are from nearby suburbs.  Regardless though, these options still come as potentially good.  There is the Brisbane Christian College Middle and Secondary Campus.  Another good option is the Rocklea State School which is a government primary school.  If you are looking for a Catholic school, there is the St. Pius X School or the Our Lady of Fatima Primary School.

Clubs and Sports

Most sports clubs and associations closest to Archerfield are those found in Acacia Ridge.  The one that really stands out is the Souths Sports Club.  One might also be interested in checking out QLD Futsal down in Coopers Plains.