Add a Shed to Your Home

Generally sheds are supposed to be single story simple structures. However, no matter how simple a structure is, it is never free of threats from pests or any other safety hazards. Hence building inspection ensures that the shed’s quality is up to the mark and that it is free from anything that could be hazardous to the safety of the residents. The property needs to be in accordance with the code and local ordinances. Building approvals and planning approvals are amongst the many things that they shall be taking care of.

Sheds can be of different sorts in terms of their size, complexity of construction and number of other factors. Small domestic sheds are the least expensive and rather simple. Most appropriate for homes with small gardens, these sheds can be built in a variety of dimensions to suit particular needs of the house.

The larger sheds are usually more expensive and have features similar to those found in house constructions. They are more spacious and are very useful as well. Some sheds are elaborate enough to include their own porches and furniture as well. Sometimes, such sheds can be used as outdoor offices. They can also be customized to match the features of the house as well.

Specific-use sheds are used to cater to usages that are specific to certain needs. Some examples of specific use sheds are garden sheds, bike sheds, boat sheds, agricultural sheds and railway sheds.

Sheds can be constructed with various materials as well. There are metal sheds that use thin metal sheathing attached to a metal frame. Such sheds are long lasting and sturdy and also free of issues like termites. Plastic sheds require heavily molded plastics and are much less expensive than metal sheds. These sheds are also free of issues like termite infestations and are quite low maintenance. They are also rot proof and therefore do not require preservatives. Wooden sheds can look quite appealing in a garden and are sturdy as well. However, they need to be well treated regularly since neglected wooden structures can split, warp or come in danger of mold and mildew. It is much easier to modify wooden sheds by adding additional features like doors and windows. Additionally, wood is also a renewable resource and therefore, a greener option. Vinyl sided and asbestos sheds use the respective materials to build the structure upon frames. But vinyl is not eco friendly and costs more than wood, metal or plastic alternatives. And asbestos is not a very safe option.

Whatever type of shed one chooses to use, it is always susceptible to some form of problems. Hence the Brisbane building inspectors ensure complete safety from them.