Acacia Ridge



Acacia Ridge is one of the many suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland located in the southern part.  It is about 15 kilometres from the Central Business District and is within the federal electorate of Moreton.  

The name of this suburb is derived from the Acacia trees which commonly grow all over the area.  Although in its eastern part you will find a rather heavy industrialized scene, most of the structures here are residentials.  There are visible remnants of post-war dwellings as the place was originally home to several servicemen and their families during the World Ward II.


Population: The 2011 census reflects Acacia Ridge to be with the population of 6,925.  Of its recorded populace, 50.1% are females and 49.9% are males.  The median age of residents in this particular suburb is 34 years old which when compared to the average Australian is 3 years younger.  

Lifestyles and People:

  • Established Couples and Families – 15.0%
  • Older Couples and Families – 14.8%
  • Maturing Couples and Families – 13.3%
  • Independent Youth – 13.4%

Income ($/weekly): Acacia Ridge has a median family income of $1,062 and a median individual income of $442. 

Employment Profile: As per the 2011 census, 58.7% of this suburb’s workforce are employed full time and 25.8% are working on a part time basis.


  • Bus – TransLink has made available several bus routes within the area of Acacia Ridge.  Route 110, to mention one, goes around Watson and Mortimer roads as well as in streets like Elizabeth, Bellamy and Mitchell.  
  • Cycling – This suburb has dedicated lanes and bicycle friendly roads if you are the cycling type of a traveller.  Learoyd road and Beaudesert Road are amongst those with dedicated cycling lanes.


Educational institutions is no problem in Acacia Ridge as it is home to several options.  Acacia Ridge State School at Nyngam Street is on top of the list.  Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School is also accessible down in Mortimer Road.  You can even send your toddler to the Acacia Ridge Early Years Centre and Kindergarten.  Watson Road State School, Aboriginal & Islander Independent Community School and TAFE Queensland Skills Tech are also among your list of educational options.

Clubs and Sports

Souths Acacia Bowls Club (Lawn Bowls Club) is accessible at Brandon Park Reserve, Mortimer Road.  If you are looking for a Soccer club, then you can check out Acacia Ridge Soccer Club.  Kids and adults alike are sure to find delight in the many skating activity options found in Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks.  Acacia Ridge takes pride in being home to one of the very few skating rinks one will find in the whole of Brisbane.